Upcoming Conference: 31st August 2021

We are excited to announce The Political Economy of Food System

Industrialisation: a conference addressing critical issues in food systems in Africa drawing, in particular, on the IIAP project in South Africa and Tanzania.

The one day online event conference will promote reflections on a range of related political economy issues related to food systems industrialization including contrasts between distinct types of market economies, the role of power and institutions, competition policy as well as industrial and agricultural policies.

The conference will feature contributions from IIAP team members in addition to invited speakers including:


  • Professor Adolf Mkenda (Tanzanian Minister of Agriculture)
  • Dr. Aarti Krishnan (The University of Manchester)
  • Dr. Sara Stevano (SOAS) and Rosamini Ali (Institute of Social and Economic Studies)
  • Dr. Stefano Ponte (Director of the Centre for Business and Development Studies, Copenhagen Business School)
  • Dr. Lindsay Whitfield (Head of the Center of African Economies, Roskilde University)

The event will take place on the 31st August, 2021. To register for this free event, please visit the event page below:



The University of Edinburgh